A Book for the Summer and New School Year!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recently, I read a wonderful ARC of Michelle Zink's newest book, Prophecy of the Sisters. It's a YA book and its going to be out on August 1st, 2009. (http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Prophecy-of-the-Sisters/Michelle-Zink/e/9780316027427/?itm=1) Its about two twin sisters, both destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy that has plagued their mother, their grandmother and generations before. It has also plagued others, soon to be found. Lia and Alice, best friends and twin sisters find themselves orphans after the death of their father living under the care of their aunt. They soon find themselves to be a part of an ancient prophecy. Lia has the power to banish or release all the spirits from the Underworld. She sometimes sees the spirits in her dreams, dreadful and plotting to trick her into releasing them, therefore bringing the end of the world. Alice, wants to bring them back, thus, driving the two sisters into becoming enemies. This story is an enchanting tale, woven together of an old England, filled with suspense and drama. It tells a tale of sisters, but yet, it is an ancient story between good and evil. Yet, it is a question that is asked universally. Duty above family or family above duty? Read it soon!

On another note, I recently bought Emma, Wives and Daughters and Persuasion. I all read them of course, but they are books that stand the tale of time. (Wow, how corny did I sound there? Lol. But they truly are wonderful books.)


P.S. When this book comes out, the new school year will start soon....

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