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Friday, November 20, 2009

Here's my review for Beautiful Creatures that I promised! :D Enjoy!

Ethan, a sophomore who wishes to leave his boring town of Gatlin, a town so small, that everyone knows everything that happens. Gatlin also has its secrets. Ethan, has had dreams filled with a girl he does not know, and when the girl shows up one fall day, he is immediately attracted to her. However, this girl is filled with secrets, that not even he can know. The girl however, is cautious to make friends with Ethan, however. Soon, the town is in a uproar, because this girl is the niece of the town's outcast. The girl is even more eager to keep her secret under wraps, and what will happen to both of them? Read the book to find out!

To purchase from Barnes and Noble: Beautiful Creatures

Eh... sorry! I've been busy this week and this isn't a really good review... I wanted to keep it interesting without spilling a lot of spoilers because a lot goes on in the book. -.-;  btw, it comes out December 2009. I just got my copy of Tenn Vogue today, and Beautiful Creatures was featured in it, so that shows something! :) 


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