New Year, New YA books!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I recieved my ARC copy of The Daughters by Joanna Philbin. (Does the name of the author sound familiar to you? That's because the author is the daughter of Regis Philibin. (Live with Regis and Kelly).) Although she's an first time author, the story immediately draws you in. The book is narrated by Lizzie, the fourteen year old daughter of a famous supermodel. It also deals with her friends and their world of being the daughters of famous celebrities. Unlike The Gossip Girls, the characters are normal and are easy to relate to. The characters experience love, school drama and family problems, much like our own lives.

In addition to being a good book, it also has a nice cover. (Apparently the cover art is not final, but it probably is going to be the same cover.) It has a pen dawn sketch of a street and skyscrapers in the background, and in the center is what appears to be three girls under an orange umbrella.

The book is coming out in May of this year (2010) and is published by Little, Brown and Company's imprint, Poppy.

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