My Soul To Save

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I recently received My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent (It's part of a series called Soul Screamers). I have to admit, the cover made the book seems like another Harlequin novel. (What's with the dress?)

Seventeen year old (almost eighteen( Kaylee Cavanaugh is a human high schooler with super natural powers. She's a bean sidhe (a banshee) Kaylee has the power to place souls back to their bodies, but her powers come with a price. She screams, no wails, when a person dies. That is, a person with a soul. So when Kaylee goes to a rock concert with her hot boyfriend Nash, who's also a bean sidhe, and the pop star Eden dies, kaylee's supposed to scream, right? Wrong. Kaylee doesn't, ecause Eden sold her soul to the devil, for the price of fame and money. When news reaches her that another soulless pop star is due to die, Kaylee knows that she has to help the star. Kaylee can not allow another pop star to be tortured for eternity by the devil in the after life, because the pop star sold her soul. With the help of her grudging boyfriend and Tod, Nash's dea brother turned reaper, Kaylee may be able to help the soulless pop star. However, will she lose her life- and Nash's in the process?

Although the plotline is intriguing, the deeper aspects such as death and sacrafice are barely explored. The bleak aspects of death are passed over, leaving the reader with no deep memories. Perhaps its beacuse I've read too many books, but My Soul to Save is not a book I'd like to read again and again


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