Update + Mini-Review for Guardian of the Gate

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've finally had the time to post a (short-ish) review about the second novel in the Prophecy of the Sisters series, The Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink. I was going to post the review around the time of the release... but I never did, due to time issues and other things. So... As I created a manga-style fanart as a token of apology,but that took a long time too... *sweatdrop* Anyways, here it is:

[image deleted]

However, when I was done with the whole thing, I realized that my Lia was the opposite of the one in the book... (That's what happens when you don't consult the book when you're painting a fanart.)

I received the book, The Guardian of the Gate, as an ARC, so I got to have the chance to read the book way before most people could, which was AMAZING. I'm a huge fan of the series, and having the chance to read it was my... dream. (Hahahaha, :D)

The book, The Guardian of the Gate starts where the first book The Prophecy of the Sisters left off. Lia Miltorpe is searching for a way to end the prophecy that throws her and her sister, Alice as mortal enemies. However, betrayal is at every turn and Lia wonders who she can trust. Along her way, she meets a mysterious man, who helps her through her journey. Lia has a undeniable attraction to him, but what about James? The novel discusses fate, love and family in a tantalizing tale.

The novel keeps its lovely Victorian-era feel and style of writing that I love. I look forward to the next novel in the series!


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