Spring Memories

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To be a teenager is to be young, act emotional, and finally be out of childhood. There’s gossiping, back-stabbing, crying and laughing. There’s a certain freedom that’s relished, and everything in the world seems to be within reach. But... being a teen is also being stuck in between a child and an adult, awkward, bumbling and confused.

“Did you see that boy? He’s cute,” says one shy girl, cheeks red, smiling. Things like that make me smile, because it’s cute. Some never confess their feelings, leaving things the way things are. Others decide to confess. In a six-minute Japanese song, “Sayonara Memories” (さよならメモリーズ) released on February 20, 2010, by supercell, it holds all of these feelings of love, admiration, hesitation, memories, and relief. It starts off with a girl who travels on a hill road, the same hill road that she used to walk on, with her crush. She tries to tell her crush her feelings honestly, deciding to tell everything, the end from the beginning. At the end of the song, somewhat hesitantly, and shy, she says “I love you”.


Listening to the song, I felt sad, bittersweet maybe? It wasn’t sad, it wasn’t as really gallons of tear inducing as supercell’s other single, “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” (君の知らない物語, The Story You Didn’t Know) was. In that song, a girl loves a boy, but she doesn’t tell him, and she watches the boy date anothergirl, watching from the sidelines. From highschool, to graduation, to finally, watching the boy leave for Tokyo on a train, she never confesses to him. That was tear-inducing. (my summary of the song does no justice. Please check the song out.) “Sayonara Memories” made me sad… but it was a nice kind of sadness. It’s the kind of sadness that someone feels when one looks out of the window on a cold, rainy day thinking. It’s the kind of sadness that someone feels when one needs to move on, but can’t leave the place behind. “Sayonara Memories” is about falling in love, and finally telling those feelings. However, it brings to mind something more, the feeling of leaving things behind, moving on, and growing up.



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