Bride of the Water God

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When I first heard about The Bride of the Water God, by Mi-kyung Yun, I didn't want to read it. I thought the storyline was too weird, and besides, I preferred manga to manhwa. However, I ran out of good manga to read one day, so I decided to try it. After all, what could I lose?

The Bride of the Water God is beautiful and detailed piece of work and it surprised me. I drank the pictures up and devoured it. But, pretty pictures can not substantiate a manga or a manhwa. Bride of the Water God doesn’t disappoint in storyline either.

Soah is next in line for the yearly sacrifice to the Water God, Habaek. She doesn’t care as her family life isn’t that great, with a drunk father who’s always in debt, and a mother who’s too weak to defend herself, much less Soah. So, Soah decides to meet her end, by sacrificing herself so her village will have rain. However, Soah’s end also has a beginning. Soah finds out that the Habaek is a child and a rude child at best. Life in the water world isn’t easy, as it’s filled with strange things and unsociable people. She starts to miss her family, but Soah never tells Habaek this. Nonetheless, Habaek knows.

Bride of the Water God is about the story of an unwanted girl, her gradual love for Habaek, and the consequences that must follow when a human falls in love with a god. 


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