Style School Volume Three

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally school’s over (at least until September comes once more). Now, the humid sunny days can hit me once more and I wouldn’t care! I’m free! Liberated! Free to read, sleep and blog (if everything works out)! Usually I relish summer, but this year, it’s different. The year passes by too quickly, and I feel that before I know it, I’ll be ending another year of school. I remember how it was the same last year, the sun so annoyingly bright that I wanted to wear my Ray-Bans that were sadly sitting somewhere at home, and the whole scene looking like a picture that would need a lot of Photoshop editing to make it less bright and faded out. Alas! I’m back in that scene again, wearing different clothes, and sporting a new hairstyle but everything is nearly the same. Waving goodbye to friends, happy that finals were done and over with, and promising my friends to meet up with them over the summer that seemed perpetually long and full of opportunities.

Reminiscences aside, the summer this year will be different. I won’t be meeting up with any of those friends on the account that all of them have moved away (although the phone line will still be clogged with their voices). The summer that provided me with days that allowed me to sleep until noon, and relaxation will turn into a summer that I will spend reading, studying (summer work is horrendous), painting, and blogging. I don’t know if everything will turn out okay like I planned because life is known for disruptions, but I know, that this summer is different. The first book of my short summer is Style School Volume three.

The last Style School volume, Style School Volume three, focuses on the same things that the last volume focused on: illustration and instruction. There are tutorials on acrylic gouache (by 914 Kana), Photoshop  (by F.c.p), watercolor (by yuufuushi), CG (by Anan), Copic (with majet), crow quill (with Yuibi) and G-pen (with Saranrappu Sarara). Style School Volume Three also contains a detailed tutorial on the basics of screen toning (quite useful!), drawing people from different angles and poses, and creating backgrounds.
Although this sounds quite like Style School Volume Two, Style School Volume Three is different. Filled with lovely submissions, and more close-ups, Style School Volume Three, is worth it. 


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