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Friday, August 12, 2011

I just realized how fast the summer passed by. The last art book I reviewed was Style School volume three, in June. Back then, I had talked about how the summer was going to be different and what I’ll be doing. Now, summer’s nearly gone (summer never seemed so ephemeral until this year) and I still haven’t done a lot of things (in my opinion). Ah! [sweat] Oh dear! I will definitely feel a painful end-of-the-summer crunch soon… ( ̄へ ̄)

Gothic Lolita Punk is an art book published by CollinsDesign (an imprint of HarperCollins). Many of the CollinsDesign Japanese-to-English editions are poorly done, however, the translation for Gothic Lolita Punk was slightly better than normal. At times there are awkward wording, faulty idioms and wordiness, however the general gist can be figured out. For me, the quality of the translation wasn’t very important as it’s not an integral part of the book. (Art books have few or no words.)

The art book features nine different Japanese artists whose works incorporate gothic, Lolita or punk elements. Perhaps the most well-known illustrator is Kira Imai, a Lolita illustrator who frequently illustrates for the Lolita brand, Angelic Pretty. Another featured artists is Makoligato, a custom doll-maker. His (Makoligato’s gender is unclear) dolls that are featured are Blythe dolls. Blythe dolls are similar to Super Dollfie dolls, except Blythe dolls are more chibi-like, with big heads and tiny bodies. each of the dolls that are featured wear intricate and delicate costumes. The precision that Makoligato puts into each costume/clothing is amazing. Similarly, another dolls artist featured is Nori Tamazaki who illustrates ball-joint dolls using a computer. His illustrations are so life-like, that it’s borderline disturbing. In addition to CG dolls, Tamazaki also edits manipulates photographs of people to look like they have ball-joints.

In all, I’m satisfied with Gothic Lolita Punk. The works are stunning, and the quality of the book is good.

Book Stats:
Translation: 2/5 (It’s readable… Most of it…)
Image/ Artist Works: 8/10 (The works included are stunning, with the exception of Aguru Mukai, whose works I find disturbing and not at all punk, gothic or Lolita. His works are… not very skillful?)
Overall: 7/10 (Translation drags it down…)

Featured Artists: (Click on the artist name to go to his/her website)


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