My Life Undecided

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recently I received the ARC for My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody, the author of Karma Club. (The book came out in June 2011.)

The ARC cover is not the actual cover of the book.

Fifteen-year-old Brookly Pierce is unlucky. Sh can't seem to make good decisions, as she's recently burned down (accidentally) her mother's mother's model house. She's also famous for all the wrong reasons. Brooklyn was on national TV when she was two for getting stuck in a mine shaft, and now, for burning down a house. Brooklyn's life is a mess-her popular best friend is ignoring her, and Brooklyn has to volunteer at a local nursing home. 

On a whim, Brooklyn decided to create a blog and put her decision to a vote. After all, how much worse can her life get? Not only does the blog change Brooklyn's life, it also changes her perception about life and love. 

I really (really, I did!) liked My Life Undecided so I'm doing some... things Brooklyn Pierce-esque. I'm putting some decisions to a vote.. Think of it as.. fun voting about other people's decisions! *lol* I was 15 once... (Not long ago... I feel so old. >.<) Hahaha.

Stay tuned!


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