Ella Moss Winter 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recently, I received an Ella Moss mailer in the mail. I was puzzled why I would receive such things, but thinking about the constant random mailers I get in the mail, I stopped.
The Ella Moss mailer is really interesting. The clothes are... meh. They're interesting, but not as interesting as the design and photography of the mailer. For me, that's what interests me in fashion. Not so much the clothes, but rather how the clothes were combined, the way the setting was put together, and the photography.  The feel of the Ella Moss mailer fit my tastes. It was faded, almost vintage. I liked the bright watercolor splashes of color, and in a weird, nerdy way, I liked how it alluded to the novel, The Secret Garden.

This is the picture that I like the best. The "metamorphosis" of a girl into a butterfly is quite interesting. I think we all secretly want to become a butterfly-beautiful from not-so-beautiful. That's how the fashion industry survives, on the basis that everyone wants to become prettier.

The last page of the mailer was very... pretty. I liked the natural shot, absent of any humans. It's... different. 


P.S This post was not sponsored by Ella Moss. I don't even know anyone who works for Ella Moss; I'm just sharing my thoughts on a piece of mail that I received. 

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