Fairy Tale

Friday, September 16, 2011

I received my Teen Vogue October issue yesterday (or was it the day before?), and I immediately read through it.

I don't really feel anything towards the cover stars, but this cover girl, Lily Collins, was different. I liked the shoot, and the overall clothes were so... cute. Well, not cute as in Rilakumma or Hello Kitty, but the clothes were pretty. (It's a better word.)

I particularly liked this photo the best, partially due to my weakness for chiffon, lace and crowns. I obviously would not wear any of these, but I just like the feeling that they impart. (Though, I have thought about wearing a crown like that of Lily Collins's for Halloween.)

I liked this photo too, because of the way it reminds me of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. It evokes Little Red Riding Hood with the cape, and the setting of the photo. It reminds me of Snow White because of the "princess" feel of the photo, and the thought of "escaping through the wilderness" like Snow White, who was trying to escape her wicked stepmother.

Overall, I liked the "fairy tale" theme. It fit my tastes entirely. I'm such a sucker for tulle and lace... 


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