Vitamins: Good or Bad?

Monday, September 12, 2011

A while ago, I had gotten some blood work done. I’ve started taking 1200 IU (400 per meal) of vitamin D as a result of that blood work. (I have vitamin D deficiency.) I’m skeptical of vitamins and supplements, but I took them nonetheless.

A couple of weeks ago, I received the health issue of TIME Magazine. The issue was all about health-how we should eat, and live. In it, there was a vitamin/supplement article where the author consumed various vitamins for five months. The article intrigued me. The author, John Cloud, ate 22 supplements daily, with protein bars and the ilk. By the end of the five months, only his HDL and vitamin D levels had noticeable change. I was comforted by this, as my vitamin D supplements were going to make a difference, yet I’m disappointed. The vitamin industry makes billions per year manufacturing pills that, according to this TIME article make little difference on health.  

We always hope for an easy way out. For health, it’s a wonder pill. If we take vitamins, we’ll become healthy. It’ll be okay if we have a poor diet because we’re getting our daily nutrition from vitamins. Or so we think.

So what will I do about my vitamin D deficiency? I’ll continue to eat my vitamin D pills, but I’ll also get some extra sunshine.


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