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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As weird as it sounds, I started watching the British TV series Doctor Who because I saw this BBC ad in National Geographic. I saw it, and thought, "Doctor Who sounds familiar." I ended up having time later that day to watch Doctor Who on Demand.

Doctor Who. It's my latest obsession. The best show ever, really.

I decided to watch it, this past weekend. It was my first time watching British TV (other than BBC news on PBS), and I had some initial doubts. I only knew BBC from watching PBS, and I associate BBC with dry news spoken in a British accent. There was really no need for doubts however, because it's such a great show. Humorous, funny, and... pardon the cliche, British. It's great, really. You should watch it. It's science-fiction-y, not really my favorite genre, but Doctor Who makes it exciting. Exciting like "I-want-to-watch-the-next-episode-and-catch-up-with-the-new-season". 

What are you waiting for? Go watch it! 


P.S I later Wikipedia'd the series and found out that it's the longest running science fiction show in the world. Also, it's been around since 1963. No wonder it's familiar. How did I not watch it earlier? 

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