A Letter for Daniel Handler

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A review of Why We Broke Up (ages 15 and up)

Dear Mr. Daniel Handler,

Maybe you'll receive this letter unannounced like the way Min gave Ed the box of stuff back. Maybe you'll open it. It will probably never reach your inbox nor your desk. Most likely, you'll never see this letter, but I'll write it anyway.

I received an ARC copy of Why We Broke Up, with a thunk, like how Min described in the beginning of Why We Broke Up. With a rip, I opened the heft envelope. The book's quite heavy you know.

I flipped through the book, savoring every page, every drawing like the way Min loved Ed in the beginning. Excited. Happy. I couldn't put the book down. I knew the ending. Min broke up with Ed. I also know the story. Min and Ed go out. They break up. The end. Yet, the story showed how much Min loved Ed and how happy they were. It wasn't some typical, boring romance story. The format and the premise of the story, told through objects is unique. I saw the closeness of their relationship, yet I saw why they broke up.

The book answered the title, Why We Broke Up. It was clear by the end that there were an accumulation of things that led to their breakup. It didn't leave me with questions, which made me happy. I was satisfied, like the way Min was when she wrote the final word.

So, this letter is a letter to say how amazing Why We Broke Up was. Also, it's to thank you for writing for young adults, too. The children, me included, that grew up reading The Series of Unfortunate Events, grew up. We found other things to read, but we still remember Count Olaf and V.F. D. It's nice to find that my favorite children's author writes for young adults, too. It's soothing. In Why We Broke Up, I was taken back to The Series of Unfortunate Events when Min quoted numerous movies. Suddenly, I was in third grade again, and Lemony Snicket was explaining an obscure phrase, dropping the names of books and movies.

Thank you,

From a reader


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