Why We Broke Up

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No, I didn't break up with anyone. Nor is this going to be some long letter explaining some past breakup. Rather, it's a post about a book I received a couple days ago and am in the middle of reading, Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler. 

Daniel Handler is the real name of the author of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, Lemony Snicket. He uses his real name when he writes novels for adults and teens. 

The novel describes the recollections of Min, who just broke up with her boyfriend Ed. She gives him a box with things, and writes him a long letter explaining the significance of each item. Why We Broke Up  is a sweet lovely, yet bittersweet read about a short, yet intimate teenage relationship. 

Inside the advanced  reader copy, I found a postcard. It asked me, "Share your story about why you broke up." 

The growing list of answers to "We broke up because..." can be found at Why We Broke Up Project.


P.S I'll share my answer sometime... soon :) . Also, the book, Why We Broke Up comes out January 2012. 
P.P.S This project reminds me of the Post-Secret thing, where people would send in a postcard with their secret. 

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