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Friday, January 6, 2012

I finally got around to blogging about my China trip.

The weather was really nice, and it wasn't cold at all (YES!). I went out almost everyday, doing everyday things, grocery shopping, etc. I didn't really tour and sight see this time because I wasn't really in the mood and also I grew up there, so there was no need. Despite spending my childhood there, I can't say everything was familiar. Everything was so... new? China's always  in a state of building things, and construction is everywhere. Some can call it progress, but everywhere I went, I could see the process of demolition and construction that made me feel like I was in a foreign place.

However, I really enjoyed my trip, because despite my feelings of foreign-ness, I felt comfortable and happy. It may be due to no stress and being on winter break, but... I'd like to think that it was because I was in China. Hahaha...

I only bought a couple of magazines in China. *cry cry* I wanted to go to Uniqlo (a Japanese fast-fashion store) since the only Uniqlo in the US is in New York, but it was too late, and I didn't have time to go.

Left-to-Right: Chinese Edition of Ray Magazine (Japanese fashion magazine) [September 2011 and January 2012 issues, Chinese Edition of ViVi (February 2011 issue) and February issue ofCOCO (Chinese fashion magazine)

I bought the September issue of Ray magazine (Chinese edition), February 2011 ViVi (Chinese edition), and COCO spur of the moment. There was a magazine sale in a shopping mall that I went to, and a bunch of fashion magazines were on sale for 3 for 15 RMB (approx. 2-3 USD). Old magazines are cheaper, and I like Japanese fashion.... sooooooo I just had to buy it. Hahahaha...

When I was at the airport in China waiting for my flight, there was a mini-bookstore and I walked in. The January issue of Ray was there and I bought it for 20 RMB (the original price [approx. 3-4 USD]). The issue is a big issue, and I felt like I was getting a bargain that way? I'm so cheap... 

Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with reading Ray magazines, and I'm going to buy some more. Hehehehehee. *evil grin*


P.S Now you've seen the really excited version of me. Yep. 

P.P.S: In case you're wondering, that's SNSD (Girl's Generation) on the magazine furthest left. Then, it's Cecil Kishimoto on the next magazine, Koda Kumi on Vivi, and finally a random group of girls on the magazine furthest right. 

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