Ray January 2012 China edition

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have been meaning to blog about the January edition of Ray (Chinese edition) that I bought while I was on vacation in China, but never got the chance to because lack of time. Things have slowed down a bit, so I'm going to blog about it while I have the chance to.

Ray magazine is a Japanese fashion magazine, and I bought the Chinese (official) edition of it at a bookstore in the Beijing airport. (It's available in most bookstores in China.) 

The Chinese edition has half of its articles from the Japanese edition, and half is Chinese-produced articles. According to Japanese Streets, Ray magazine is very mote-kei, meaning, "pinnacle of femininity without showing off with sexual appeal or individuality." Whatever mote-kei means, Ray is very early 20-century in my mind, with the many peter-pan collars and rounded collars. It's like your grandma's clothes except modernized, cuter, and prettier. I realize that that might have been a horrendous picture in your mind, but really, it's not that bad. I just suck at describing clothes, which is why, I am not a fashion blogger. I think if I was a fashion blogger, people would cringe and cry at the bad way in which I would describe an article of clothing. Then, I'd post a picture,  and never come back to my blog again. 

I have a weakness for preppy/nerdy styles, because I am one. Actually, it's I like clean polished looks, but it's still true that I am a nerd. I had a mini little dance inside my head when I came across this, because it's so cute and school-y. I like school :D  The inner nerd inside of me wants to hug this editorial. 

More under cut

Another school-girl look. I don't know if I'll actually go outside looking school-girly but... I like looking at school-girly editorials. My inner nerd, what am I talking about, self leaped for joy when I saw the picture on the top right. 

The title of the spread is:" AYUKI takes you to explore* Seoul  *the word they use is actually "to vacation or vacation, but I felt like that sounded weird (I'm not an expert on Chinese, btw.)
The January issue also had an article on Seoul, Korea and various spas and stores you could go. The first spread (above) detailed the various makeup stores you can go to in Seoul. The first one is Tony Moly, a well known makeup brand throughout Asia. I just liked it because the makeup came in cute packaging. I'm a sucker for  three things 1. cute things 2. pretty things 3. cheap things. I'm such an Asian.

I had to include this. It's another makeup store, Etude House. The outside of the store looks just like a house! So cute~~ The packaging of the make-up and decor of the store is so cute! I've been using cute way too many times. Ack. I feel like I sounded not like my usual self. Aasjdhajksdhajsd

Anyways, that's my Ray Chinese post. Yeah, I liked Ray magazine and too bad I don't live in China so I can buy more. 


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