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Friday, January 6, 2012

why, yes. I have some tips for you. I'm sure you meant fashion tips but too bad for you—you're getting life tips. my advice:

  • ignore the haters and the people who only make you feel bad or insecure about yourself. in time, you'll realize they're just projecting their fears onto you 
  • explore all you can academically. there's no penalty for being too educated or knowing too much about everything. I always wish I had taken more music and art classes. 
  • listen and respect your parents (sorry, this is boring advice) and realize they almost always have your best interests in mind—but always have your own opinion too and don't be afraid to voice them. the same holds true for high school friends. don't be afraid to not be exactly like everyone else.
  • even though it might seem weird, talk to and learn from as many people—no matter what age—you can. you never know if your mom's friend's cousin who works at a museum might be able to give you your first internship.
  •  enjoy being a teen. it's full of angst, yes, and can be crazy-stressful but… it's amazing. and you'll survive 

The funny thing is that I'm not a freshman. (I will probably never say what grade I'm in because there's probably like 5 billion people who are older than me and another 5 billion that are younger than me.) Okay, the funny thing isn't that I'm not a freshman because that's not at all funny, but the actual funny thing is that these tips are still applicable even if you're not a freshman in highschool. Shocker, right?

Well, actually, I think these tips are applicable at any age. They may be cliche, but they're totally true. I'm saying that as a high schooler, so there is some truth in the truth? I'm not making sense am I?


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