Fashion Thoughts: Feb. 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Because I always seem to make at least one fashion-related post every month, here's mine for February.

1. Sen Mitsuji 
My favorite model at the moment. I'm not really a follower of models and stuff, but after finding out about Sen Mitsuji from Fashion Pirates, I can see why she wanted to see him at the CK show.

2. Jason Wu for NYFW Coolest show in my opinion for NYFW, this year. It's probably because it was Chinese-themed and I have a weakness for things like that... but still, it was pretty cool. I don't really follow fashion shows, but after seeing pictures of it on Twitter and Fashionista, I fell in love. I really liked the whole Chinese motif. It was nice without being overly corny or cliche. I also liked the whole read doors entrance thing.

3. Jason Wu for Target Another Jason Wu thought. Most lady-like collab in my opinion by Target. It was a cute collection, but I'm not sure if I'd wear it. Might make me look really stiffy and matronly...

4.London Fashion Week I think it just started? Must be tiring for those who just finished NYFW to go right to London...

5. doo.ri for Impulse Looking at my February issue of Vogue, I am reminded that Korean-American designer , doo.ri, did a collab with Impulse, a Macy's in-house brand. I'm sort of excited, but alas, the product may not be in my local Macy's store. If that's the case, I am restricted only to browsing the collection on-line.

There. These are my five thoughts for February...


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