Chocolate Sequencing

Friday, March 30, 2012

This is probably one of the most random blog posts that I'm writing. I was finishing the box of chocolates that I wrote about and I felt bored. I grabbed my camera and I started taking sequence pictures of how I ate my chocolate. Here's the result:

1. The chocolate. Look at its perfect, wrapped beauty. It's untouched.
2. I've started to unwrap it. Let's see what's inside...

3. Part of the chocolate is showing!

4. The chocolate! It's upside down though...

Steps 5-15 eliminated because I felt tired. It was really tedious editing all 11 pictures, since I took a picture after each bite. I like to savor chocolate, but in pictures, this amounts to a lot of photos. (I took 29 pictures of the chocolate in all. I decided to use only a fraction of that.)

Step 16

I'm done with the chocolate! I really liked eating the two hazelnuts that were inside the chocolate! I love chocolate...


That was a weird post. Really. I need some sleep. #exhausted

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