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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I don’t have every solid color of Converse available and I don’t plan to, but I do own two pairs of Converse. They’re not solid color Converse, but they’re still Chuck Taylors. They’re the low Chuck Taylors because I find the tall ones uncomfortable.

Mine are purple with a metallic gold sheen and the other is a metallic black with dots at the heel. I don’t wear my Converse according to my emotions because it’s nearly impossible, unless I only have two emotions.  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have just two emotions. Such a let down, I know .
Why am I even talking about my choice of shoes? Does it matter? Do you even care? I could be wearing clogs and writing this, for all you know. Is this another one of my random posts about fashion? Surprisingly, no. It’s a YA book review instead.
ARC version of the book 
Sorry for the crap editing. The original edited version didn't save, and my second edit turned out like this. I was feeling too lazy to reedit the same picture for the third time. 

In Aaron Karo’s Lexapros and Cons (as in the prescription drug Lexapros and “Cons” as in Converse), high school senior Chuck Taylor (no relation to the shoes) has OCD and a peculiar habit of coordinating his various Converse sneakers with his emotions. No big deal, right? No. Chuck has also has a hygiene problem. A big one. Touch anything dirty and Chuck will wash his hands. Touch dirt? Chuck will wash his hands. That’s the least of Chuck’s OCD problem. After finding that OCD severely interferes with his high school life, (ie. find a girlfriend), Chuck decides to conquer his OCD. However, Chuck must also get his best friend back and win the heart of a girl.

I picked up Lexapros and Cons because I was sent a copy. I don’t really know why I requested an ARC of it in the first place. I think I needed a book to read..? I don’t remember…

I read the first line. Um… Awkward! TMI! Alas, not what I expected. No… It reminded me of conversations between two of my guy friends in one of my classes. However, the narrator is a pubescent 17/18 year old high school senior, so it was only to be expected...

I marched on, dear reader, because I thought the was interesting despite the first couple of lines. I laughed my whole way through because it’s a humor-filled book (typical guy jokes are scattered throughout). I assumed the mindset of a boy when I read this because the narrator was a boy so I strove to understand him.

However, my laughing episode stopped when a character said “Rad!” Um… I don’t know anybody who says that except in old movies. (My apologies will be given to those who are teenagers and say the word “rad” on a normal basis.) My belief in the book’s setting of high school was wavered for a moment, and I wondered if it was a memoir. Alas, the confusion quickly passed and I started laughing again. The “rad” moment was soon forgotten.

Lexapros and Cons is a hilarious book .It’s a coming of age story from a guy’s perspective. It was a nice refresher and break for me because I already read girly YA novels. However, I’m not really sure if it’s meant for a girl audience (possibility: 10%) because there’s a lot of typical guy talk...


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