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Thursday, March 22, 2012

On a personal level, March has been a month filled with art for me. It's not only because Fashion Week happens, but also because I've been forced to create art on a schedule, instead of in my free time.

March started out as a crazy month filled with crazy deadlines and for a while, it seemed to be a month of little sleep. Then, everything slowed down, and my art class decided to speed up. I found myself painting, against my will because I wanted to catch up on sleep above anything else. I love art, but sometimes, I need my sleep.

Alas, art won. In the moments that I didn't work on art, I read old Time magazines. (I don't lie, I have a stash of old issues under my desk). They were fun to read. I usely read the Culture section first because it's usually art-related and thus, more interesting than politics.

So it's really no surprise that I flipped through the first copy of Time Style & Design than Time. (Both came in the same package.) Style &Design is a spinoff of Time, obviously, and it retains many of the same elements as Time- the layouts, fonts, and vision. I liked the magazine because it focuses on a more on the design aspect of things than let's say, placing a product on a page because of a specific brand. I think it retains the same intellectual feeling of TIME, despite Style & Design's focus on life's more frivolous things. (Does that make sense? I feel like it does, but... it might be contradictory? It's hard to explain... As Arabelle (of Fashion Pirate) said," Fashion isn't deep unless you give it depth.")

Emily Blunt is the cover star

The most surprising feature of the magazine was the fashion editorial. I was surprise that there was even one. It was also surprising that TIME even came out with a design magazine... The fashion featured Tom Hiddleton and Michelle Dockery, the actress from my favorite historial drama, Downton Abbey, as a time-traveling couple from the future in present day London. The shoot was very Vogue-like, with the whole fashion thing, but it was also very TIME-like. There wasn't a lot of photoshopping,  (the recent photographs  in TIME have been very raw) and it was nice to see the actors as actual people, people with imperfections and everything. Sometimes, I get so tired of Vogue and its incessant use of photoshopping. Really? Do people really look like that? Sometimes models have imperfections, too. (Surprising... since ,you know, they're human, too.)

The products (clothes, furniture, accessories, etc.) featured in Style & Design are pricey (the cheapest product started at $70, and was a pocket square. However, I don't really think the point of featuring these is to have it. (Well, some people may be motivated to buy it.) The real point is to see that these well-designed things exist, and once placed together in such a way, they can exude beauty. The point of the fashion shoot is to celebrate British designers, and it's not really to say, "Reader of TIME, you should buy these $1000 clothes." It's to say that these clean-cut clothes exist, and it's to provide inspiration.

Style&Design was a nice refresher. I am looking forward to more of TIME Style&Design, but by the looks of it, it may jus tbe a quarterly publication (the current issue says Spring 2012). I'll have to wait longingly for Fall 2012 to roll around then...


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