Saturday, March 3, 2012

These are the ARC’s that I’ve received in the past two or three weeks, lying in a box that’s gradually collecting dust. Yes, in a box. Why? I’m supposed to be a book-lover, right? Why a box? Why not on a bookcase? Shouldn’t I be saving these books?

I’ve felt this way for a while now. I’ve read all these books, yet it’s hard to formulate an opinion of them. The words on the page are interpreted by my eyes, yet my brain is hardly comprehending the words. I don’t feel the same way as I did when I discovered Magic Tree House and A to Z Mysteries in second grade and realized how interesting books and truly be. I’ve been reading books non-stop since I learned English, and I’ve always felt excited to read, but lately, my passion for reading had waned.
This sentiment has been reflecting in my blog. I’ve talked less and less about books over the years. Part of it is because lack of time to read and part of it is due to being bored of books. Books have seemed to be the same lately. The same plots, bad writing and shallowness. Perhaps that’s why my eyes have been glossing over the words. It’s the same anyways.

I’m not giving up reviewing books. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to read ARCs. Many people can’t. I remember when I was in elementary school and wished that I could get to read a book before it was published. I can now. It’s true that not a lot of people read this blog, but I’ve got a chance to do what I always liked doing, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters most. It’s nice to be able to share my opinion with others. It’s also nice to be able to interact with published authors on Twitter.
When I was young and had a lot more time on my hands, I thought that any book was interesting. My tastes varied. Now, I’ve realized that finding a book that’s interesting is like going on a scavenger hunt. There’s books with interesting plots, but bad writing. There’s good writing, but bad plots. It’s hard to find a book that has an interesting plot and good writing. You have to sift through a lot to get a book that’s truly interesting and written well.

Recently, I had a conversation with my friend about the state of books and publishing. There’s a lot of books out there that are written poorly but remain published because people buy them for the story. YA books are so shallow sometimes.

I miss the days when I compulsively sat in one area and read books for hours on end. But it’s in a way that one looks back at childhood memories, with nostalgia, not with longing for the days past. I’ve worked on this blog for more than three years (has it really been that long?) and I’ve been immersed in the book industry. My days have been doing homework, working and finding moments in between to read. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that there’s a bigger world out there other than books, school and blogging. For now, I’m going to go on a scavenger hunt for the book I’ll truly like. Yeah, that’ll be nice, I think. This blog will be a reflection of that journey, and I hope you’ll follow alone.
Thank you. 

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