Monday, April 16, 2012

People change like the seasons, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. When we can't hold on anymore, we have to let go...
A girl chats with her friend. A friend whom she's known since forever, really. A close friend. A friend she knows really, really well. All her dislikes and her dislikes. Like sisters.

A friend she thought she knew. Perhaps that was a figment of her imagination, that image of the girl that she knew. A girl with a clear goal in life. A girl that would do anything to reach that goal. A determined girl. A girl who had clear opinions. A girl who was her friend.

They're still friends, the girl thinks. They talk. They chat with each other. Facebook. Phone. Letters. But nothing is the same if distance separates two people. People change. Similar people diverge, like a fork in the road. A thought goes to the girl's mind. "Over time, we drifted away." How poetic is that? A slow break. How would that even work? Chat less and less and one day they decide not to have any contact at all? Perhaps its less painful to slowly drift away. A mutual decision, right?

The girl thinks about it. It would be lie losing a part of yourself. A part that you knew really well. A part that was going to be with you forever.

Her friend talks. She's not really paying attention. No, she is... is she? Words are going into her ear. Who is this person she's talking to? The things that she's saying don't correlate with the person she thought she knew.

Over time, we drifted away... away.... away... till there was nothing left. The sound reverberates in her mind. Perhaps it's an allusion of her mind but losing a person who is so close to you is scary. Lonely, even. They say that people change. For better or for worse. People change and discover who they are. "Who are we?"the girl thinks. "Who am I?" It's quixotic to think two people can stay exactly the same amidst the never yielding flow of time. "Perhaps I've changed, too", the girl thinks. Afterall, tomorrow's a new day. Another day to figure out life's intricacies. Hopes. Dreams. Failures. Wishes. Sometimes, people change. We love them anyway, right? At least that's what people say. The girl closes her eyes and sleeps. A whole, new day... awaits.


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