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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Writing a quick post today since I'm really exhausted. I spent the whole day at school, like usual, but stayed until around dinner time doing a practice test. My hand felt like it was going to fall off since I was writing nonstop for two hours. After that, I had to go directly to work. I just ate lunch half a hour ago. So, so sleepy since I haven't been getting enough sleep for the past two days.

Anyways, my mom bought some books off of the Barnes and Noble website and inside the package was this advertisement card for Chomp, a book I reviewed.

The front of the card advertises Chomp. If you buy a copy from Barnes and Noble, you can read an extra story!


The back is an advert for Hiassen's other books. 

I haven't really ordered books from Barnes and Noble in a long time so I don't know if including advertisement cards in the packaging is a recent thing or not. Either way, its annoying. There was another advertisement card in the box advertising flower arrangements. That is really annoying. 

I already get enough advertisement in my life, in Gmail, in magazines, on TV, on websites and more. I really do not need to have advertisements in my book packages. I don't even look at the advertisements anyway, so it just becomes a waste of natural resources. (I recycle them, though.) I'm pretty sure the advertising isn't even targeted at a specific audience. How do they even know that I'm even interested in children's books? Truth be told, at the moment, I'm not that interested. 

I hate to say this but I think I prefer Amazon over Barnes and Noble now. The price is cheaper and the packaging is advertisement free. #rant


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