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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...only if you're a kid. 

The ARC of Chomp and the April edition of Harper's Bazaar

I received the ARC for Chomp by Carl Hiaasen before the book was going to come out, and I mean to write a review before the publication date. I found myself too busy, and so here's my review after the publication date. :/

Wahoo, the protaganist of the book, and his father, Mickey, an animal wrangler, have just accepted a job to wrok on the reality-TV show, Expedition Survival. However, the show isn't what they expected. The star of the show, Derek Badger, is inept and hugely egotistical. He believes, however, that he's capable of a lot more things that he actually can do, and controlling wild animals is one of them .Meanwhile, Wahoo allowed a girl named Tuna (I kid not) to tag along with them since her father is abusive. 

Derek gets bitten by a bat and goes crazy, believing he's become a vampire. Tuna's father is on the search for Tuna, waving a gun at everyone. Just how is this adventure going to end?

I had requested this book because I wanted to read one of Carl Hiassen's novel. #shallow When I was younger, i had wanted to reach Flush. I thought the cover was interesting, mostly in  part due to the toilet seat on the cover. #foreverakid 

The novel was interesting, and I liked how Hiassen mastered the mindset of a child. Some children's novels make me feel uncomfortable because I feel like I'm being talked down to or that my intelligence level isn't right. (Even when I reread children's novels now.) I could believe that Wahoo and Tuna were real children, not children of author's imaginations. (Does that make sense?) Some children in novels feel very flat. 

My most favorite part of the novel was how Hiassen placed real life issues into the book. The inclusion of an abusive father was nice and perfectly balanced. The message of abuse wasn't dominating, but it put the message out there: Abuse is not right. 


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