Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A girl is surrounded by a group of her friends, who are laughing. She feels out of place, in this strange and foreign environment that she used to be familiar in. What happened to the people she knew?

A year ago, she would've laughed along with them. What happened? She is the same girl, she thinks. The same hair, the same clothes, the same eyes, lips and mouth. She is the girl who used to be depressed. She is the girl who likes coming up with puns.

Her friends are the same friends who laugh at silly things hysterically. The same people, who still laugh at the same things they laughed at last year. The same people who jokingly make fun of each other. What happened?

The girl thinks. Ponders. Reflects. She is not the same person inside. She doesn't find the same things she used to laugh at funny. The joking mocking has become tiring lately. The expectations of being the same person is still there. But what if she's not the same?

Do her friends castigate her? Berate her for not being the same? Ask ,"What happened?" Friends are supposed to be people who support you no matter what... So what happens when you lose everything?

What happened? What happened? The question echoes in her mind. Her friends wait for her to say something. She smiles. The incident is forgotten and the mask returns.

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