Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick note: I'm running to post this during my spring break, which I intend to spend less plugged into the computer. I don't know how that'll fare but we'll see. AP testing is coming up, so I'll probably be buried under a mountain of study guides till then, but... I don't know... maybe I'll post?

Another story in the "girl" series...

A girl listens, while her friend talks. The girl nods sympathetically. For her, the stories are fun to listen to, most of the them. "Yes, it's bad... but perhaps..." the girl starts to say, "Did you try avoiding it?"

The friend shakes her head vehemently. "No! It' so bad, you have no idea! I can't!" The friend says in exasperation, "No! You just don't understand!"

The girl thinks,"I didn't say I was going to understand, anyways." The conversation ends. The girl goes home. Discovers some failures, something gone wrong. She's upset. She picks up the phone and dials. She pauses. She places the phone down. No. She won't.

She retrieves her notebook. A constant listener. A sponge. A thing that will just listen. That's all she needs. No judgments. No understandings. Just someone who would listen.

Another day. Another day to listen. Her friend goes up to her. Her friend says something. But today, the girl is sick. She has a headache from not enough sleep. The girl is tired. Tired from stress. Tired of living up to other people's expectations. Tired of a lot of things.

The girl breaks her mask, for a tiny second. "Stop. I just... Don't." Four words slip out of her mouth. Four simple words that she usually doesn't say. Four words that are out of character. Four words with the power to change everything.

The friend looks annoyed. "What? You need to relax," the friend says.

The girl is annoyed. "Just stop dumping me your problems, okay? I've got my own, too."

The ex-friend sneers. "You have problems?"

The girl, the quiet girl, says something that shocks herself. "Surprisingly, I'm human, too. Of course I have feelings and problems."

The ex-friend is angry and walks away. The girl is left standing comprehending what she just did.

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