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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recently, I dug up a poetry book that my mom bought me in an effort to get me to write poetry. She had told me that poetry was something beautiful and I needed to master it. My elementary school mind laughed at the thought. Ha! I hate poetry, and I will never mastered it.

When I wrote a play for school (everyone in my class did, as a project) my play teacher had remarked, "[NAME REDACTED], I immediately wondered if you dabbled in poetry when I read your piece." My high school self laughed inside. Poetry was something that I hated. In no way did I dabble in poetry. 

the book, and the scraps of papers that I wrote my poems on

However, after digging up, A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms, I was inspired to "dabble in poetry". The poems that are featured in the book are great, and the book explains each poetic form in detail. The poems are accompanied by whimsical illustrations made out of torn paper and paint. 

Because I have no poetic talent and wanted to write short poems, I decided to write a haiku, a senryu, and a clerihew. 

Haiku's are well known, and follow the pattern of a line of  5 syllables, another line of 7 syllables, and a final line of 5 syllables, giving a total of 17 syllables. Usually, haikus describe a scene in a nature. I remember when I was in second grade and were forced to write haikus. I disliked the experience because I disliked counting syllables. Oh, how shallow I was! 

Here's my attempt:

Spring, by alice-jane

Petal one hugs petal two,
Petal two says how are you,
Sun shines. Spring is here.

A senryu is a haiku but about human nature. Here's mine:

Click clack click click. Press.
Tack. Space. Tack tack space. Tack tack. Pause.
Blogger writes new post.

A clerihew has four lines and pokes fun at a celebrity. The four lines are actually two couplets, with the first line being the celebrity's name. I decided to write it about myself (despite the fact I am no celebrity).

Had a blog that kept her sane
She wrote random posts
Which no one read from coast to coast.

That's it for my poetry experience. Poetry is more fun than I thought it would be, but only if I write short poems.


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