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Monday, June 25, 2012

Over the weekend, I went with a friend to eat some Japanese food downtown. It was fun, despite the fact that we ended up going to a different Japanese restaurant because at the original place we were going to go, the owners/waiters were staring at us awkwardly. (We were standing outside,  since there was a reunion of sorts at the doorway.)

It was just my friend and I but we ate a lot of food. It was semi-difficult to eat since the waiters would keep giving us food but the table was really small, so we were trying to condense some of the plates. -.-;;

We started off with a seaweed salad, which was really good. A bit too sweet for my taste, but still pretty good. 

The bowl that the seaweed is in is  actually slanted like that. 

Tofu age (fried tofu). There's a batter on it, which makes it taste really, really good. 

Sushi! There's a lot of eel sushi because my friend loves eel rolls. From the top, there's California rolls, crunchy eel roll (with tempura flakes), more eel roll, crab maki, salmon skin roll, squid maki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, and finally, two pieces of eel. 

We also ate a tempura udon and calamari, which I forgot to take pictures of... 

Mixture of what we ate...

Red bean and vanilla ice cream. The red bean ice cream tasted like vanilla ice cream that had pink food color...

The point of this post wasn't so much a food post as it was a... well, I should get on with the actual point of this post. 

When we were wondering around town wasting time before we ate, we were talking about high school and the future. My friend and I are almost at the end of our "high school careers", whatever that means. It sounds like we had a clear purpose in school, which implies we knew what we wanted to do. Did we? I don't think so. We started high school at ages 13/14 and even if that sounds like an age which we start to understand things, I don't think we knew that much. We had classmates who knew, with a certain degree of clarity that they wanted to become doctors, lawyers, etc. They worked hard to reach their goals. Not that we didn't, but I think I admired them for knowing so early in life what they wanted to do. 

What did I do? Like a wave, I ebbed and flowed on, with each passing year. I earned passing grades so I could advance onto the next year. I tried to figure out what I wanted to do, I really did. Nothing really piqued my interest. My philosophy at that point was to get some real-life experience at something because everything seemed interesting (except engineering). 

Even now, I can't say with certainty that I've found something I want to do for the next forty plus years of my life. I remember Eva Chen (editor at Teen Vogue) answering a teenager's question with the idea that real life experiences will help someone decide what they want to do. I want to believe that, I really, really do. However, I feel like I'm a little boat that's about to capsize in the giant sea of cruise ships with set destinations. 

 We started eating, after we decided on what we wanted to get, and we started talking again, about life. Our lives basically revolved around school, from elementary, middle and finally high school. For once in our short lives, we wanted to find something or do something of consequence that didn't revolve around high school. It's a short period of our lives and it's annoying to have to maintain the same image from freshman year to senior year. 

As we were slurping on our udon with a giant shrimp tempura, I commented, "Didn't (name) follow you on Twitter?" My friend commented, dryly, "Another filter on my life." Maybe that's why we hide behind pen names, twitter, and the like, to express ourselves, to find something of meaning other than high school, and more importantly, to escape from our school identities. The question remains, then, are we different people than what people know us as? The answer is a little. We are our school identities, we weren't acting in school, but at the same time, we are also our twitter and blogger identities. A little, then more. 

At the end of the meal, we regressed back into talking about school. So and so likes so and so, so and so got into a program, etc. After all, we are teenagers. 

Image Credits: The square cornered photos are from my friend's Instagram. 

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