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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I first made my Twitter account (@alicejane011), my bio included, "loves cute things". Since then, my bio has changed, but not my love for cute things.

Since I love cute things and I am too cheap to actually go out (die-hard Asian) and buy Rilokumma, and other San-X branded goods, I love it when publishers publish books that have instructions how to make cute things. Also, my two loves combine: books and cute things. Yay!

I first came across Sew Kawaii by Choly Knight on Netgalley when I was searching for interesting books. I normally don't do craft book reviews on this blog, but I made an exception for this book. The cover is so cute!

The book features easy instructions with photographs accompanying every step. The result is a cute and professional craft. Included are instructions to make phone charms, wearable accessories, storage items, plushies and more. 

The best part of this book is that it includes short Japanese vocabulary with each project so you can learn some Japanese while sewing! Yay!

If you don't want to sew, you can check out the author's Etsy page: Choly Knight Etsy

My only objection (I love everything else about this book) is that the pages are a little flimsy for my taste. Since this is a craft book and because I love this book, I expect the pages to last the intense flipping. 

All images from the book, Sew Kawaii! 

Note: Though I first found out the book from Netgalley, my review copy was purchased on Amazon. 

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