Friday, August 24, 2012

Another girl series post! It's a little short but... here it is anyway! I'm changing the schedule of the girl series posts to every other Friday since school is about to start.


The girl felt so, so annoyed. If she was a cartoon character, steam would be coming out of her ears. The girl wondered what she would be staring at, if she was a cartoon character. What was she mad about? Was it possible to be mad about absolutely nothing? To feel that annoyed feeling, but not to have anything be annoyed at?

Was that even possible? The girl felt the familiar tension rising up, through her spine, up to her shoulders, and dissipating through her face. She felt the desire to crush something, the desire to snap, the desire to scream a truly wild scream. It was more than being a teenager with hormone fluctuations. It was always something more with the girl. Always. It was all because she was human.

The girl was human so she could be angry. But didn't animals feel anger, too? Dogs snarl and bite when they are agitated. Cats scratch. It wasn't just a part of being human. It was a part of being alive.

In the girl's muddled mind, this though got knocked away, as if it was only a piece of flimsy tissue paper. Alive. That notion was nearly nothing. It only meant that she was breathing, her lungs filling with air and releasing, her heart beating, and her brain sending impulses. In this world what good was that? She had a plate full of problems and no solutions.

The girl was angry at herself, her inabilities, her cowardliness, her failures, and her shortcomings, She was mad at the world, the world that caused her so much confusion, the world that had so much imcompetence and the world that she tripped and fell on so many times. She was mad at Father Time for flowing so fast. Perhaps that was the girl's own fault. After all, she had wished upon a star when she was young, "Star light, star bright, the brightest star I see tonight, please let time flow faster..."

So really, the girl was mad at everything. Anger was directed at everything, so it seemed like she was mad about absolutely nothing. Anger is such a funny thing.

And because the girl was alive, that anger dissipated, through her body, down her spine. Her shoulders relaxed and her face muscles released their tension. Tension went to her hands with which she used to work on bettering herself.

For an archive of the girl series post, you can go here. A new girl series installation is posted every other Friday on this blog.

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