10 Questions for Eileen (Singing and Reading in the Rain)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here's this week's Blogger Tuesday with Eileen from Singing and Reading in the Rain. She's thirteen year old book blogger and I hope you have fun reading this interview!

1. What motivated you to start blogging?
 Easy. THE IRON FEY, mixed with my passion with singing :).

When Julie Kagawa, author of The Iron Fey series, held a contest for an ARC of The Iron Knight, I jumped at the chance to enter, since I was dying from The Iron Queen’s excruciating ending. Julie told us to post it to our blogs, and I didn’t have a blog so I settled with Facebook and Twitter and such. But afterwards, I thought about starting a blog, and before I could talk myself out of it, I made a blog (it’s horrible. It’s also deleted. You can’t find it now :) Trust me, it was horrible too). I also made it so I could post covers of me singing, and those two kind of came together to form Singing and Reading in the Rain (sometimes known as ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***).

 2. Favorite part of blogging?

There are so many things I love but I definitely think the highlight is all the support I’ve gotten. Whenever I post a cover, people always have such nice things to say to me, and they just get me. My grade doesn’t get me. At all. They think I’m some kind of deranged book nerd who’s shielded from the world. But no. No. No. NO. I like music, too, you know. It’s kind of insane that I want to be a singer but it feels like it’s what I was meant to do, if we’re going to take the philosophical route here :D

 3. Do you think age has an effect on what you do?

Funny story with that one. As a blogger on the very down side of the teenage spectrum, people first think, “She’s too young to be blogging. She can’t POSSIBLY be good.” And then reject me. But I don’t let it get to me much since one day I’m going to be a famous singer and I’m going to stage them all up by giving shout outs to all my bloggy friends and publishers and authors who have been nice to me. And then they’ll feel so bad about not taking me seriously in the first place, which I will respond with HA I TOLD YOU SO. Okay, no, that’s wishful thinking, and I wouldn’t actually do that, but I’d definitely remember never to talk to them again lol. That is, if I ever become a famous singer.

 4. You're a Renaissance woman! (Or should I say teen?) How do you manage it all? (Singing, dancing, reading, blogging...)

 Lol I never thought of myself as a Renaissance teen! But I have like this schedule laid out for school days, which includes…
 8:15-3:00—School (anytime before that I’m sleeping/eating/agonizing over what to wear)
3:30—Go onto Twitter for like an hour and a half and blog/listen to songs
5:00—Do homework
7:30-8:30—Practice flute and singing
 8:30-10:30—Read That’s basically my tentative schedule that I follow every day. And of course some days I’m a good little muffin and don’t spend FOREVER on Twitter.

Also, when I record a cover (which I’m really lazy to do sometimes even though I know I’m prepared for it) I’ll just cut it out of my Twitter time. I honestly shouldn’t be spending that much time on homework, but I’m an addict.

What can I say? I’m beyond saving.
 5. Favorite song and book at the moment? 

Dude. Enchanted by Taylor Swift and The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa FOREVER. FOREVER. DON’T HIDE THE MAGIC.

 6. How do you think the blogging world will change? 

I think it’ll definitely grow over time since a lot of people are starting to like to read and, obviously, they have to start blogging to meet the awesomeness that is Eileen (*points and whispers* me). Psh. Duh! ;)

 7. Fellow Asian! Woot! Hahaha... Best part about being Asian?
 It’s definitely being all uber-smart and then surprising people when I want to be a singer when I grow up ;) Usually Asians are going to be all smart and discover that last element on the periodic table or the cure for cancer, but me? I want to inspire people with the music I make. I’m an odd turtle. (And yes, I just called myself a muffin and then a few questions later a turtle.)

 8. Thing about blogging you didn't know about? 
Don’t request ARCs until you have at least 2,000 followers. Trust me. I fail at book requesting and I have such bad luck. I thought that if I had loyal readers and a healthy amount of following then book requests would be approved.

 9. Where do you see yourself in the future? (Blogging, personally, etc.) 

I want to be inspiring tons of people with my music (hopefully) or I’ll be extremely happy with whatever I DO end up doing and successful at it! :) I think the goal for me in the future is to do something I love and I want to make sure that I’ll be great at it. But realistically speaking, in the future I’ll be sad I didn’t make it in the music business, fat, old, and bald. (I’m already shedding. My dad’s like mostly bald already and I look like his side of the family so yeah)

 10. Any last words?

 Err...to do some shameless self-promotion, check out my YouTube channel and my most recent cover is on top! :D Like and subscribe and stuffs. Yeah! ;)  I’m so bad at interviews. Seriously. This is seriously becoming a problem. My YouTube Channel! THANKS FOR HAVING ME ON ALICE! :)
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  1. Yay thanks for having me on Alice! :) I had so much fun with the questions!

  2. It's always great to read about kids and teenagers that put so much time and energy into their hobbies! That is AWESOME that Eileen aspires to be a singer, loves to blog, and "
    be extremely happy with whatever I DO end up doing and successful at it!" I know way too many kids who just spend every waking minute playing XBox and not caring about real life. Great post!

  3. Yay for Eileen! She's awesome. I find that most of the young bloggers are very bright and well spoken. That's not the case for all of them, but mostly young teenagers with the discipline to keep up a blog are thoughtful.


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