Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you were wondering, I put the period after the "y" in reality on purpose. There's a sense of finality to it (the sarcastic side of me says "no really?") and the side comment in parentheses actually has something to do with this article as a whole.

Bloggers are so tuned into the internet these days that it's hard to know which is the real them. The internet has given them their fame and also adds to the accessibility. Ironically however, the very accessibility adds to the general state of muddiness of who the bloggers are.

I'm on various social networks myself (Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr) and I can guarantee that I'm the one behind all of the accounts. I write the tweets, I reblog whatever I'm reblogging/posting, and I rate whatever books I'm rating.

Of course, there's a discrepancy with the various personalities that I present on said social networks. I actually wanted to start this post off with something along the lines of "multiple personality" but decided to ditch that idea. That's a story for later.

Some people will say that since Twitter is the most "spontaneous", that it's the most true picture. Not necessarily. My friend has a Twitter and the image that she presents on Twitter is different than the one I know. Are any of the personalities that she presents any less "real" or "fake"? I think both of them are real.

This gets me to my final point. Don't think since you follow your idol on all the social networks that he/she has, you know that person intimately. You don't. I'm mostly quiet in real life, but if you see my twitter, you will never know.

But don't stalk me so you can get to know the real me. Many thanks for not doing so.


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