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Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm participating in another Teens Can Write Too! (TCWT) blog chain!

This month's question is:

“How much does setting affect your novels and stories? What are some of your favorite ways to portray setting?”

 I actually don't think about setting too much. I'm not really a methodical writer (still refusing to call myself one) and I go about writing as it comes. I definitely don't sit there and think, "I want to write a story set in so-and-so place". It's weird, I suppose.

For me, I write to capture a specific feeling and I have random urges to write something when I hear a specific phrase. I was chatting with a friend online about something that I've written and she was like, "It's a type of friendship that's deeper than love." After thinking about it for a while, I knew I wanted to write a story about that. Of course, my other story was about it too, but it was different.

I don't write about dystopian/alternate universe things (at least I haven't yet) so my settings are pretty normal. I like to start off with the general things and go into details. A lot of my writing style and ways of going about it is similar to the way I go about painting/drawing.

My writing pieces so far are more about emotions than settings so I suppose I haven't actually thought about setting. Another person dubbed my pieces as "in the moment" and I agree.

I'm still pretty new to writing and the ilk and with questions like this, I realize that I have no idea at what I'm doing.

Okay, no seriously though, I'm don't pay attention to setting when I write which is probably why I don't know how to answer this question. I write and it just comes out. jahdsjskadh I'm not making any sense...

Okay, signing off now.

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