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Friday, November 2, 2012

A super short girl series post that I wrote!


The night fell, a gentle thing, bringing down a sheet of darkness. Today was one of those nights, with the moon missing and the stars too. The girl sat in her chair, shivering a little, wishing that she wore something warmer, only wishing, and not doing anything to change her situation.

This was the way things were, full of wishes, not actions. It was a bad day. It was a bad week. Heck, it was a bad month. It was always something like that, full of excuses, words to make up for the failures.

It was went the girl stared at her math homework, full of derivations and other things that made some sense in her brain, that everything came together.

Life was an asymptote. Correction, the answers to life were an asymptote- some that seemed to get so close, but still so far. Close to touching but never actually touching. It was somewhat funny that she could connect math concepts with math, not in applications but actual use.

But even asymptotes had equations. Asymptotic at x=7, y=3, something. Did life have an equation? No. The girl was sure of that. The whole world was sure of that. Perhaps someone had taken the limit of the function of life and figured out that the answer didn’t exist. Perhaps that was it. Or maybe someone took the limit and discovered that it was to positive infinity. That probably wasn’t it, but the answer was damn right. There is no limit to life. See how math is everywhere? The girl’s math teacher would be proud of her.

The girl smiled a little, liking how her metaphor turned out. It was a nice discourse, but her math homework was calling. 


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