This Is Me Wondering Where All The Time Went

Friday, February 1, 2013

I recently received the February issue of TeenVogue and it had the huge headline "Celebrating 10 Stylish Years!"  I flipped through it and there were so many images from past issues. Images that from issues I still have and images that are still fresh in my mind. 

This is me when I read the year that the image was taken. 
Shock GIF

2007? 2008? 2009? Um, are you sure about that TeenVogue? I would've sworn it was only one or two years ago. 

Time crawls up like this, "Five years have passed!" 
Ta-Dah! GIF

Reading my blog archives (so embarrassing when I think about the things I posted about), I sit in shock and question the fact that I've been blogging for almost five years. Whenever I think about my place in the blogging world (still insignificant, if you're wondering), I want to crawl under my blanket. I don't think I have any more clue about what I'm doing now than I did when I started this blog. 

Time flies. This is me ending this post with a cliche. 

This post has been brought to you by the me, circa five years ago. The spontaneous, candid me that wrote random posts, nothing too contrived.  I grew up, lost it, and just found it.

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  1. Wowza, five years? Congratulations! I wonder where the time goes by too, how is it already 2013?!


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