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Monday, March 4, 2013

I guess I'm hopping onto the (virtual) bandwagon of blogs sharing cool articles from the web with the post. I don't see myself turning it into a weekly or even bi-monthly feature because I don't have much to say about articles.

The Glorification of Busy

That said however I do find something to say about this article that Andrew Demont (business developer) wrote, titled "The Glorification of Busy".

For me, as more time opens up, my plate gets more full. I inflate the importance of tasks that accompany those added responsibilities. My effectiveness drops, and so does my level of sanity. I finish each day exhausted, without the satisfaction of production.
I find myself working just to work.
Let's stop glorifying over-work, and start congratulating smart work. The truly brilliant people.

This industry is a race, but it's not a sprint. It's a marathon, one that I hope to be running for a very long time.

I find this article applicable to anything in life, whether it's school (Pop culture does not portray high school to be this competitive at all. Lies, lies. Where are the dancing jocks on tables? Where are the food fights? Oh wait, everyone's too busy in the library studying.*), work, blogging (not that it can't be let's-all-be-friends but we all know that somewhere in ourselves we want our blogs to be more successful, have more readers, etc.)

So yes, work hard but work hard efficiently. Have some time for yourself (I need this). Sometimes I find myself pulling late hours or early mornings (before the break of dawn) to do work. Did I need to? Probably not.

*True story. The library is always jam-packed (during lunch) unless it's closed. Then it's usually packed with teachers.

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  1. I agree. Especially as lately I've been struggling with the effectiveness of the typical 9-to-5 office white-collar lifestyle. I feel like I could be just as productive if I only worked a few hours from home, and I'd have fewer health problems (damn you, back!).

  2. Yes! I feel like if I increased my efficiency instead of time spent doing something, I'd probably be healthier since I tend to go to sleep late.


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