Friday, April 19, 2013

I honestly cannot contain the sheer shock that I felt when I heard last night that there was a shooter on the loose at MIT and that one hour after the shoots were fired, a police officer was down. It was 11:30 PM and I was on Facebook when a friend of mine shared the news. 

All they knew then was that the there were shots fired at Building 32 on the campus. They warned students to stay inside since it wasn't clear what happened. Another hour later, a police office was down. 

Sometimes, I wonder what has this world come down to? First the horrific Boston Marathon explosions, then the explosions in West Texas and now this? I love Boston with all my heart and my prayers go out to everyone. 

It's disturbing, it's scary, it's intimidating. Right after the Boston Marathon explosions, warnings were sent out to avoid New York  and DC. I was about to go to both places and for a moment, I was actually afraid. 

The fact that these things happened, one after another, is shocking. I know people who are going to go to Boston-area colleges and I can't imagine how shocked they were last night when they received text messages to stay out of the city because a shooter was on the loose. 

The first shooting in the news that I can remember distinctly was the one at Virginia Tech. I remember being in school and the teachers freaking out. This was before everyone decided to be attached to their phones since class was too boring and I could just remember sitting there shocked. 

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that he picked up his brother in Cambridge, MA minutes before the shooting. Talk about timing. My friend is on short break in the greater Boston area and I hope she's okay. 

My thoughts are with everyone in Boston and Texas right now. In moments like these, we see the good in others. Stay strong everyone. 

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