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Friday, June 7, 2013

At BEA, Out of Print Clothing had a booth and I was quite excited. I learned about Out of Print sometime last year and I loved it. Too bad I don't really do online shopping other than book shopping or else I would've bought something a long time ago. (Actually scratch that, I probably would've spent all my money buying everything. I seriously love Out of Print Clothing.)

Out of Print T-shirts
Out of Print Clothing makes literary t-shirts and other products, adorning regular apparel items with the covers of books. How cool is that? Plus, everything they sell is made out of quality material and they sell both women and men clothing (and children's as well), instead of just unisex clothing. The shirts that I used in the graphic are a mixture of children's, men's and women's shirts but the graphics can usually be found in all the sections, regardless of age/gender.

They also have accessories such as iPad/Kindle cases that trick the viewer into thinking you're reading a real book (gasp!) since the covers are covers of classic novels such as Great Gatsby, as well as iPhone cases and tote bags. I think pouches should be coming soon since I spotted them for sale at BEA.  Pouches have just been released on their site. GO GO GO! 

For myself, I bought myself a gift certificate at BEA (stock at BEA was limited) and I still can't decide what I want to buy. Do you see how problematic this is and HOW AMAZING OUT OF PRINT IS?!!! Seriously, check it out. 

No, I'm not doing this because I'm getting compensated for this post (Ha! I wish) nor is Out of Print telling me to do so. I just love Out of Print. Really. 

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