Saturday Inspiration: The NOVL

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little, Brown is a publisher that I really like, not only because they publish great novels but also because they have an free ARC (Advance Reading Copy) program for teens (ages 13-18). Recently they updated their ARC program (formerly known as Hip Scouts) to The NOVL, which I thought was pretty clever since the members are apparently called "The NOVLists". Clever, clever. 

I've posted the info graphic for the NOVL program below: 
Little Brown The NOVL info graphic

(please click on the image to view at full-size)
The online form to join is here: The NOVLists

Also, if you can't join, you can suggest someone else you know to join! :D


  1. That sounds very interesting. Do you know if you need Google+ to be invited?


  2. To be invited you can fill out the Google Doc that I linked to, but to be a part of the program, you do need a Google+ account.

  3. I LOVE The Novl but I didn't know they had a program. Thanks for sharing!


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