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Friday, July 19, 2013

Way back when I posted the video to Gevalia’s coffee commercial that featured a book club, Steph Su (Steph Su Reads) wrote a comment about how the Gevalia commercial trivializes book clubs and downplays women. So when I saw the Yoplait ad, I was a little annoyed. 

It's a slightly different take on book clubs but not by far. It still does the shallow-females-in-book-clubs. Honestly, I don't see the why book clubs have to be inexplicably linked to romance. Reading is cool and not all females read for romance (What a shocker, right?)

Wait! We can't forget about the Penelope Cruz commercial for Nespresso where she's (gasp) reading. 

Not much to say about this one, except is it really the coffee she wants or the guy? The book is obviously Just A Prop. Are books just props that somehow elevate the atmosphere to a more cultured/intellectual one? 

Still though, there are some good commercials that are book related, such as the Miracle Whip commercial that alluded to The Scarlet Letter.

What are your thoughts on commercials that reference book-related things?


  1. I actually didn't see this commercial before, but wow! That's tough. I agree, most people think women only read chick lit (the name of the genre alone annoys me) and that's extremely ridiculous. The idea that women only read or write "light" novels couldn't be farther from the truth. Have a look around the reviewing and blogging community, most of us are women, and everyone reads a huge range of genres.

  2. I know right? Women read all genres of books and commercials only serve to further the negative stereotype.

  3. Okay, it's probably bad that I watched that Yoplait commercial and all I cared about was those cookies, right? LOL... I'm such a pastry nerd!

    Anyway, I agree that their impresson of women in book clubs is disappointing, but I don't really think this is restricted to women in book clubs, but women in general, no? I mean, I don't really watch TV these days, but I feel like I've seen so many portrayals of groups of women who are acting just like those women, and they're not supposed to be in a book club. Not that that makes it ANY better, though.

  4. No, those cookies did look good! Hahaha. I haven't baked anything in the longest time.

    Good point! Women aren't portrayed all that well in pop culture, book club or not. I once read an article that later stirred up some controversy that related book blogging to "Saturday night knitting clubs". There are can be loads of negative things that can be hurled to the book blogging community/reading community but by bringing attention to the problem, hopefully things will change, even just a little.


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