Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Synopsis: In the future, humans live in city-like spaceships orbiting far above Earth's toxic atmosphere. No one knows when, or even if, the long-abandoned planet will be habitable again. But faced with dwindling resources and a growing populace, government leaders know they must reclaim their homeland... before it's too late.

Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents are being sent on a high-stakes mission to recolonize Earth. After a brutal crash landing, the teens arrive on a savagely beautiful planet they've only seen from space. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. But they're haunted by their past and uncertain about the future. To survive, they must learn to trust - and even love - again.

Review: The plot vaguely reminded me of Wall-E, with it's testing to see if Earth was hospitable after a long abandonment and a story that centralized on love, but The 100 fails to reach Wall-E's level of enjoyment. 

Told from multiple points of view, The 100 is a novel that makes for better TV than literature. The writing bored me at times, despite the fact that I thought the character flashbacks were intriguing, the novel failed to captivate me. I was a little annoyed at how everyone's back stories and current stories seemed to centralize on love. I can understand how love could be a motivator for what they did, in the example of Bellamy and Octavia, a brother-sister pair who lost their mother, their only guardian.  However, by having love as a central theme, rather than putting the issue of how to survive in a foreign environment at the forefront was annoying and a little unrealistic. I think the characters would probably be more interested in how to find food and shelter than win back their former loves in their situation.  For TV though, it's  more satisfying , which is probably why it's currently in development for The CW's fall 2013 season. 

Maybe it's the fact that the book is part of a multi-series but I don't think I'll be sticking around for the rest. (TV show, maybe.) There were good moments, but there were too few. I liked hearing the character's backstories more than I liked their current stories, which is problematic since the plot is focused more on the present. There's a love triangle, with a girl who seems to be oscillating between the two a little too easily and a government that's a little messed up (though probably less than other dystopian/post-apocalypitic novels), things that are seem to be  typical of YA dystopian novels nowadays and the author fails move away from the tropes. Yes, the setting is in partially in space and there are people coming back to earth, but there was so much potential that The 100  failed to live up to. The writing was pretty, but the plot. Oh, the plot. 

Ultimately, The 100  was intriguing and I finished it in one sitting, but I think probably watch the TV series  to find out what happens to the characters. 

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The 100 comes out on September 3rd, 2013

Edit: I found the trailer for The 100, which I've embedded below. The characters look older than I thought they would be. 


  1. "Told from multiple points of view, The 100 is a novel that makes for better TV than literature." <-- I've heard this a lot. It reminds me of the Vampire Diaries books, which I started to read but then didn't care about anymore.

    "having love as a central theme, rather than putting the issue of how to survive in a foreign environment at the forefront to be annoying and a little unrealistic" <-- whenever books do this, it makes me think of Harry Potter. Like they're to imitate it, and it sounds like this is an awkward in between HP and THG.

    I've also heard the same of the tropes, and I'm seriously hoping the CW show doesn't fall prey to the same traps 'cause this premise sounds awesome and the trailer made Earth look awesome to explore.

  2. I know what you mean by a book better suited for TV, I feel like some books just are. I think I will see how entertaining the TV show is before I go out and read the book. I don't care for multiple POVs and the love triangle makes me even more iffy on this book. Thanks for sharing!

    Alise @ Readers in Wonderland

  3. Yes! I hope CW makes it a little more interesting than the book is. I never really cared for the Vampire Diaries TV show but I think it's dragging on now? I'm not sure but hopefully it doesn't happen with The 100s.

  4. That sounds good. :) I don't know if you've seen the trailer for the series, but it's here:

  5. thanks for the heads up, this is totally new to me. Will give the series a try.

  6. I've been excited for this book ever since I found out about it. The premise is anything but fascinating and I love multiple POVs granted they're done as beautifully as they were in From What I Remember... (it had five). But reading your review does make me realize that it'd be better as a TV show and I do plan on watching the show. I really hope it's a good one because I love everything sci-fi and deterioration of earth being an environmentalist myself.

    P.S. Wall-E is such a great movie.


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