Life is What You Make of It

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's only midway through fall but it's getting so cold!  I'm pulling out my scarves, knit hat and sweaters already. Knitwear is starting to become my weakness and I'm contemplating taking up knitting. I just bought Knitting by Design (it just came out on November 5th) by one of my favorite graphic designers, Emma Robertson, who also blogs at Emma Dime

I've been super into photography lately and I had the luck to borrow one of the cameras at school. I ventured out at chilly night and took some photos. 

Looking at these and thinking about my life lately, I've come to one singular conclusion and a set of supporting reasons. 

Life is what you make of it

Take initiative
I wouldn't be where I am without taking initiative. Borrowing the camera was my own decision and I wouldn't never known which lens are good, what settings are good for what lighting environments, etc. Of course, I have my own DSLR, but I haven't invested in a set of lens yet. I only have kit lens and there's only so many things you can do with it. 

On a bigger scale, if you do things without thinking about limitations, you'll soon realize that the only limitations were the ones you imagined. Do the impossible. Cliche, but all cliches
have truth in them. It doesn't hurt to try, but it does if you don't try. 

Moving to a whole new place was scary and truth be told, I was not looking forward to it. It's not New York, by any means and it made me sad. Unlike a lot of people that I knew, I explored and found quaint places (photographs coming!) that I love. Seriously. 

While I'm not entirely in love with everything, I've come to terms with it since I did find places that I liked. 

Have fun 
While it's great that you might be doing more than your peers, achieving more, and standing out, you have to love what you're doing. All of the uniqueness that happens because of taking initiative are all side effects. The main importance is that you love it. Sometimes taking initiative and exploring takes work and time, so make sure you love what you're doing. The time that you spend doing, the long hours, are so much enjoyable when you're having fun. Remember when you were young playing and the time flew by quickly? This is the same logic. 

Am I stressed out? Yes but I'm having fun as well so I don't feel as bad. 

What are your thoughts towards life? Work? How do you balance everything?


  1. All of this resounds with me so strongly right now! I'm in a whole new country and really, it's up to me to either be happy with it or not. Sure, London is great for a lot of things, but it's not what I'm used to and know. But instead of letting that suck me in, I have been trying hard to look for the positives. And the times that I've done what you've said (take initiative, explore, and have fun), it's all ended up positive.

    I think for me it's always just getting past myself that's the biggest hurdle. There are always so many doubts, fears, insecurities, worries, etc. Sometimes it's easy to let those get in the way of what's important, and they can dissuade you from opportunities that mean so much. No matter how many times I put myself out there and get great feedback, I still have to struggle with my doubts.

    But it gets better, right? Each week I'm here in the UK I feel a little better about it. I feel a little better about myself. I feel a little better about my future. I'm not sure if there is a way for me to balance everything I want to do, but I forgive myself when I miss something and I do what makes me happy when I can, and that's good enough for me.

  2. Definitely! I'm a quiet person in real life and it's hard to go out beyond my comfort zone but I've done it. It's the little steps that lead you farther. I still have doubts but they've gotten smaller over time. I gain more confidence in what I do and the doubts get quieter. I think you can never really silence doubt (a little bit of doubt is good sometimes too; it can serve as a motivator) but you can reduce it.

    I make time for what I like and it amazes me how much I get done. While I do miss out on some things, I don't mind it so much because I was doing what I love. Thanks for the comment, Asti! <3

  3. Moving to a whole new place is scary but I've always looked forward to doing it. A change of pace is what I needed when I moved a state over for my Bachelor's. So yes, I took initiatives, I participated in clubs, i explored the city on my own terms and I had fun. Sometimes there's a feeling of missing home but I dealt with it. I started blogging two years into my Bachelor's so it helped a lot. I made friends and now this all feels like such an accomplishment.

    Maybe I'm much more comfortable moving because I love traveling and exploring new places and now that I've done it alone, I feel I can move countries and not feel as afraid.

    I got my camera fixed recently and I love taking photos with it even if just to Instagram them. It's not a DSLR but then I want to learn photography before I really dive into it.

    I love the photos you took and I'm looking forward to more of them, Alice-Jane!

  4. I love this post! There aren't many personal posts that I find interesting. I agree with you fully though, life is really what you make of it. My thought towards life is that it is beautiful. It's amazing to me how the world can look completely different to you depending on what mood you are in at a particular moment in time. Because the truth is that the world doesn't change.... you do. I actually love my job although I just wait tables, I try to put a smile on at least one person's face everyday. Balance is a tricky thing... I still haven't got that down yet.

  5. Thank you! It's hard to realize how much life offers sometimes and the key to realizing it is a change of perspective.

    Over the years, I've thought about how people around me changed and why something they've always done suddenly annoys me, and I realize, I'm the one who changed. I have a different perspective than what I had before, and it changes everything.

    I'm still mastering the art of balancing as well. When you've got it down, tell me! :)


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