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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

To make up for yesterday's lack of a post, I decided to participate in this week's Top Ten Tuesday (also because it's Thanksgiving week here in the US). I don't think I'll make the list very book-related because there are so many more things than just books I'm thankful for. I'm not going to include the obvious ones-- my more-or-less good health*, my family (love you guys!) and my friends (love you guys, too!), at least not wholly. I don't think I'm taking this list very seriously either, since it's one in the morning and I need to go to sleep.

Things I'm Thankful For

10. Food I never really realized how important this was until this year when I had moments when I didn't have time to eat. I felt miserable and cranky (I eventually ate) but it made me think about how much worse other people have it. What I experienced isn't even a fraction of what they have to go through.  Also, I'm totally missing home-cooked meals right now. So looking forward to Thanksgiving!

9. Sleep I love to sleep but I don't get enough. I like breaks because I attempt to catch up on sleep. Attempt being the operative word here. 

8. Literature set in Europe If I can't go there, I'll live vicariously through books. 

7. People on Twitter I love you guys to decide to follow me, tweet to me, etc. I makes me feel loved and not #foreveralone. Also, I love following others on Twitter since it lets me peer into their thoughts. 

6. Internet TV I don't think I've watched actual TV on a TV since early summer. I've gotten into the habit of watching shows online. The Good Wife is so good right now. Also, PBS/Masterpiece/BBC shows are my fave but PBS needs to put more on its site. 

5. Knitwear It's below zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) right now and I'm living in thick sweaters, knit hats and scarves. I'm so contemplating learning how to knit/crochet to increase my collection of knitwear and not break the bank at the same time. 

4. My retainers fitting I haven't been wearing them lately (late nights and complete laziness lead to bad choices) so it was a surprise that I could still fit them on. I got my braces off years ago but I've still been listening to my orthodontist, more or less. He did tell me that I could stop wearing them when I'm a grandmother. Not really sure that I'll be wearing them for that long or that I'll be having kids anytime soon. 

3. Jokes I am known to tell bad jokes, especially puns, especially when I'm studying or it's late at night. Laughter, they say, extends your life so I'll  probably won't be stopping my jokes anytime soon. 

2. Blogs I read blogs like no other, ever since I discovered them in early 2009 (or was it 2008?). They're quick, easy to read, and are so much fun. The community is great, too. If you know of blogs that I should know about, please share! 

1. You I wouldn't be blogging without your support, your comments and your presence. I LOVE YOU. I'm glad you're here, I'm glad I can talk to you (email me, tweet me, etc). 

*knock on wood


  1. Sleep and food shod definitely be on my list too! I didn't realize howjch I love both until I had a baby and never had time for either! I also love twitter and reading blogs too. How had I lived without blogs for most of my life??

    My TTT

  2. Bloggin' 'bout BooksNovember 26, 2013 at 8:35 AM

    Who cares if you didn't take the list seriously? I love all the things you listed. It's always good to be grateful for the little things that make us happy!


  3. Love this list, it made me laugh.. and like you said, laughter extends your life, so keep 'em coming! Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  4. Amazing list! I forgot to include my family/dogs on my list because I was too busy fangirling over a certain TV show that I'm thankful for and now I feel silly!


    Doris @ OABR

  5. I love puns. Love them. The cheesier the better. Actually I'm thankful for most of the things on your list as well. Except retainers, what a pain. My orthodonist came me the all clear to stop wearing them at 25. I actually still have them (only the top fit and I haven't worn them in about three years). I'll add another, I am so thankful I had braces.

  6. Happy Early Thanksgiving Alice. This is such a great and realistic list of things to be thankful for. I have just recently gotten into reading other blogs, and let me tell you I am loving it. I dare say I'm having a little too much fun with it. More importantly I am finding blogs I really like and visiting everyday. It's nice.

    My goal over this break is to read more classic literature. I am lacking in that department. So many new titles release that I often forget the old ones are just as good if not better, and I need to give them the attention they deserve also.

    -Aside from books. Family and friends make the holidays... well the holidays. It's lovely to be able to grow closer and spend quality time along with the home cooking and catching up on sleep.

    Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family tomorrow.

    As always, thanks for sharing,
    Kayla Graham

  7. I love to read posts like this one in the month of November. I recently posted a "what I'm thankful for" post myself. It's nice to stop and appreciate what we are so lucky to have. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. You must live in a warm place then. Totally jealous of you right now!

    And, I meant it in a good way! Twitter= stream of people's thoughts in real time and I swear that I'm not a creepy stalker! Hahaha.

    Seriously, though.


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