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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When I got Ginger's email about her space and saw the photos, I wanted her workspace. No, I wanted her house. I love her design mantra and the way she's organized her workspace. I love how the chevron pattern that's in her blog design is also in her house, too. 

I've been following Ginger's blog for a very long time now especially since we've been in the blogosphere for about the same time. I love her posts and her reviews, which are always incredibly detailed and well written, giving me a good idea of whether or not I'd like the book. 

Ginger says,"Left: A shelf that hangs in my living room that shows my love for pattern and color. The large photo is of my parents, before they were married, the other is a favorite of me and my mom when I was little. I feel like this shelf represents LOVE well. Right: Another wall in my living room, depicting my style. Every girl needs a chandelier, right? The yellow frames are part of a crafty project I did myself. I love the exposed photos hanging from a wire inside them."

A little about her... 
I'm a 30-something year old who loves a good book, whether that be adult or YA. My passion for reading has inspired this road I've found myself on in becoming a teacher. I am currently in the home stretch of obtaining my Bachelors in Education, focusing on Middle School. I hope to teach Language Arts or Reading, but I am definitely keeping my options open when it comes time to finding a job. I am also the owner of GReads!, a little corner of the Internet I created almost four years ago to share my thoughts on what I read. Never did I imagine it would evolve into such an amazing opportunity to meet wonderful people and simply just talk about books. I live in Texas, where its summer almost year round and I can wear flip flops in the middle of February. My family, friends, books, and my German Shepard mix Daisy are the closest things to my heart. In no particular order of course!

Creative Spaces: GReads Bed
Even though I have a desk to work at, it's usually this place that I do most of my blogging :) I love my bed! The headboard was made by my father, with my assistance. The colors represent my space so well and the comfort causes me to never want to leave.

Design elements... 
I have an eye for patterns. No matter if it's something we walk on, sit on, eat off of, or wear -- my eye is constantly being drawn to wonderful patterns. I try to incorporate patterns in my home, as you can see by my photos. The color palette right now is yellow & gray; however, in a few years this may change. I do like these colors though because they feel neutral to me. I can add pops of turquoise, green, or black and it all still seems to flow.
Left: A shot of the desk a few steps back. Above it is a built-in shelf where I keep pretty, yet functional storage boxes. Next to those is a special gift from a good friend, a framed quote from one of my favorite books: The Perks of Being a WallflowerRight: To the right of my kitchen I have a nice little built-in desk area. In this photo you can see a mixture of my style + functionality. I actually cleaned it up a bit for this photo, usually its a mess with current mail and school papers. 

Why this design element appeals to her...
I'm not afraid to show bold color or pattern when it comes to the designs in my home. Actually, I tend to be more attracted to pieces that represent this. For my work space, I tend to design more with my personal artifacts. The bulletin board on the wall houses a collection of cards, pictures, quotes, and magnets that each hold a personal memory for me. I think its important to see these memories every day, especially since they bring me happiness.
Creative Spaces GReads Desk Closeup
Close-up of my pen and notepad holder on my desk. I love notepads and page index markers. I might have a bit of an addiction with them. Also you can see a few of my favorite buttons: one for Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy, Strand Bookstore in NYC, and my personal fave: an I Heart Conrad button that author Jenny Han gave me.

I'm absolutely in love with Ginger's workspace and her home! When I look at these photos, I can't help but think, this is Ginger's space with a feeling that everything's perfect and just right. I love the pin board and the quotes, especially "Everything happens for a reason". Also, I'm super in love with her pins, especially the Strand one since I adore the Strand. I find it's super neat that her dad built her headboard for her! How lovely and adorable! 

Are you a fan of patterns? Does your blog design echo your personal workspace or vice versa? Do you collect buttons? 


  1. Oh my goodness the use of colour and patterns *O* I'm so in love with her interior designing! I only have a few buttons but I would absolutely love to collect them. My blog design definitely doesn't echo my personal workspace haha but I wish it could! I can really the similarities between her blog design and personal workspace and I love that!

  2. Aw thank you so much, Alice, for asking me to do this :) I had a lot of fun taking the photos & putting my thoughts together about it. You're not the first person to tell me that my blog design matches my home design. HA! I can't help it.. it's just what I like ;) Thanks again, xo.

  3. I love it!! I agree, I want it too!

  4. It's so pretty! Very lovely space for blogging and reading (and living...).

  5. Love this interview, and all the photos! I LOVE her flair for patterns. =)

  6. What a fun series -- I loooove seeing other people's spaces!

  7. I love this space! It's so colorful and bright - exactly what I love in my spaces. The yellow is so pretty and chevron is such a nice pattern. My blog design does not echo my personal workspace at all and I'm so GLAD for that. Otherwise it would just be brown and black, bleh. And yes, I collect buttons too! I have a whole bunch: some that I've bought, some that my friend made for me (she has a button maker, I'm so jealous!). I love that someone else collects buttons too! And the pinboard is such a good idea!

  8. Thank you, Ginger for agreeing! It was such a pleasure having you on the blog and I love your home! :)

  9. IKR! I love her color and pattern scheme and I'm totally jealous that her blog design matches her home. Mine definitely doesn't.

  10. Yes! I love how comfortable yet pretty her space is.

  11. YES! I'm totally jealous of her flair for design and incorporating all those colors and patterns into her home.

  12. Thank you! It's so much fun seeing what bloggers are like apart from their blogs.

  13. I used to have a button collection and I think it's somewhere in storage, atm, haha. While I'd be totally fine with having a mostly white home, I love colors and patterns in home design so I don't think my blog design and home design could ever match. Oh, well.

  14. Oh, lovely! I would like to do that someday, having a design that matches between my blog & my own little home. :)


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