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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've been a huge fan of The Coveteur, a site that goes into the closets of people in fashion and I thought, "Could I do this with bloggers?" The idea swirled in my mind for a while and I've finally decided to go through with it. 

The new feature is called Creative Spaces and it's a showcase of bloggers' workspaces. I've always found it interesting to see how a space reflects a person-- how you could find bits and pieces of a person's personality in the things that they own. I'm very excited for this feature and I hope you are, too! 

Alice-Jane's Desk

I'm a tomboy at heart and I've always loved cars over dolls. My parents ended up buying the Lego calendar for me and while it's usually displaying the wrong month (I remade the calendar for February because I was taking photos of my work space), I still love it. There's a missing piece for the number 12, which Lego still has to send me a replacement part for, and when I went to the Lego store, an employee just decided to give me a beige piece to replace it in the meantime. "Just Sharpie it!" she said and I tried to quell my growing horror. Deface a Lego piece? No, never! 

Desk Closeup

I don't really have a design mantra/motto when it comes to my standard dorm desk and it usually looks messier than it is in the photo. It's where I study (hence the stack of papers underneath the card), blog, and read. I do wish it was prettier, though! 

What's your workspace like? What kinds of design do you like? 

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