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Friday, February 21, 2014

The latter part of 2013 and the early part of this year saw the launch of two great book blogging websites, Book Blogging and Literally App. While I love finding new websites and tools, I have a hard time maintaining all the social media and websites that I'm on along with blogging. 

Keeping up with Social Media

How do people do it all? Here are my ways of coping and attempting to be on top of things. 

I've talked about productivity before but in general, I try to have a week's content done by the weekend and I schedule the posts throughout the week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I do graphics and posts all in a bunch, usually finishing the posts first and then doing the corresponding graphics afterwards in Photoshop. 

While I do most of my blogging and writing over the weekend (sometimes on Friday afternoons and weekends), I come up with discussion ideas and wallpaper designs over the weekday, through little jotted post-its on my phone or in paper. 

Still though, I'm not perfect and there are times where I don't come up with posts or content. I try to not stress over it when that happens. 


I did a post about managing Twitter two years ago (has it really been that long ago?) and Twitter has changed since then. I still use Tweetdeck to manage my Twitter, but I've since added Twitter for mobile to do some quick tweeting and responding when I'm on the go. I still use Hootsuite occasionally, but I've changed over from using it on the computer to mainly using it on the go. 

In general, I try to use Twitter for mobile during downtimes since I find that when I use it when I'm working, I get distracted easily. 

My new favorite third-party Twitter app is Buffer, which is a web-based and mobile-based app. It's great for sharing articles and spreading those tweets out. I find a lot of interesting articles and things online but I don't want to spam people's feeds with all my links at a time. Buffer's great since it schedules the tweets out for you. 


I'm not on it as much as I would like to be and in my opinion, using Tumblr as an extension of a blog takes up a lot more time than I would like it to take. When I do use it, I use Tumblr for mobile a good 90% of the time to find things to reblog and if it's interesting enough, I'll toggle the option to tweet the link out to Twitter, too (you have to connect your Twitter account with Tumblr first). 

I've since started to use Tumblr to share my blog post snippets on, too, again  (I stopped doing it around a year ago) but I do those posts on my computer when I remember. 

Goodreads, Book, Literally, etc

This is where I don't know how to handle myself anymore. These are all separate accounts and websites, often with overlaps. Brittany from The Book Addict's Guide did an interesting survey about book blogger's social media accounts and usage and found that Goodreads came in second in social media account popularity for book bloggers, I'm going to have to admit that I'm lazier about Goodreads than I am with Tumblr. I used to be a Goodreads-holic around 7 years ago when it debuted and I had a crazy amount of free time on my hands, but I don't find it that useful or entertaining as I once did. 

I use Goodreads for mobile but I binge read a lot and I don't really feel like jamming people's feeds with all my updates at the same time. Someone help me, please.

I love Book, which is Ashley (Nose Graze)'s side project. I think it's a great way to connect with other bloggers on the technical side of things, but for me, once I'm done with blogging, making graphics, using Twitter, and reading through all my blog subscriptions on Feedly I forget about and often times, don't have time for a lot of the other sites. Same thing with Literally. 

While I do genuinely like all of these sites, I find that my usage ends up in a Z-formation, with interest and usage high early on and then drastically decreasing as time goes on. 

I'm curious to see how you stay on top of your social media accounts. Do you? What do you use to help? Do you only use a couple of social media accounts? 


  1. Fantastic post! I was actually thinking of doing a post like this too with the popping up of various Goodreads similar sites and I just can't seem to manage them all. For me I can only manage my blog, twitter and Goodreads. Anything else beyond that I just don't have the time for, I might do some occasional tumblr-ing if I'm procrastinating but that's it. I really like the idea of Book and but it becomes very overwhelming and I'm not good at keeping up with social media especially with school. Hats off to those who can though!

  2. I actually really like Literally right now. It's not much of a social media site, and it's fun to use. I love the badges, and it's really made me push to read at least a page a day so I can update my graph. Other than that, I don't use much. Goodreads is just a backup storage for my reviews, and I use Twitter sporadically. I don't really have the time for social media.

    As for tumblr, it's the one I love the most, but I find that i have to distance Tumblr and my blog to enjoy Tumblr. A link on my own tumblog could suffice. Otherwise, it would turn into a chore. And building up a large following leads to some clicks on that link. :D

  3. Terri @ Starlight Book ReviewsFebruary 21, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    I'm totally with you! I really love both and Literally, but it's hard to find time to devote to yet another site. We all did the same thing after the big GoodReads removing reviews debacle and made BookLikes accounts. I was on it for a week or two, disappeared sometime after September, and deleted my account last month. I've done much of the same with BB and Literally, though I'll try to stay longer there because they're run by bloggers.

    There comes a point when it's too much, and the value we get as bloggers just isn't worth it. Keeping up with my blog, Twitter and GoodReads are priorities. I dabble in Tumblr when the mood strikes, but it's not a priority. Still, it's awesome that there are so many options. There's a community for everyone depending on what you most like to focus on. For me, it's conversations and tracking my books, and that's all I need.

  4. I generally rely on twitter when it comes to getting the word out on my blog. Each time a new post goes live it automatically tweets the link. Then I schedule links to that post through out the day (using tweetdeck). I schedule these tweets when I remember, or have the time. There's not a certain plan that I keep to each time this happens. My motto: it will get done, when it gets done.

  5. I'm rubbish at social media and I haven't given up yet - I still try - but the day is rapidly approaching. I use Twitter to share links to articles I like that relate to books and blogging (via Buffer). I pop in once or twice a day to see what's brewing.

    I actually belong to the G+ book blogging community and have an "active presence" there. Meaning I comment on the topics and often post questions etc there.

    Goodreads I use solely to keep track of the books I read - not for social media or connecting with others.

    That's pretty much it. I tried Instagram, but no time to really devote to it and develop a following, plus since it's connected to my phone number - and everyone in my contacts can see my Instagram account - I don't want to connect it to me and blogging.

    Tanya Patrice

  6. I know what you mean when you're talking about Twitter! When I started out on Twitter, I used to tweet about what was going on but nowadays I seem to mostly tweet interesting links and articles. Buffer is great for sharing links.

    I love participating in forums! Maybe I'll go check out the G+ book blogging community sometime.

  7. I do that, too, through Feedburner. It's so handy! I love Tweetdeck for scheduling too, and keeping track of various feeds that I have organized through lists.

    I love your motto and your attitude towards social media! :)

  8. For sure! I love BookBlogging and Literally because they're run by bloggers and I think they offer unique services, especially alerting people of deals and the ability to talk to other bloggers on BB's forums but it's just so hard to find time for it all, on top of the existing social media that I do. Still, I try.

  9. I can never really seem to update my reading with Goodreads. I find it a little tedious and especially because I read in chunks (3-4 books in one sitting), I don't want to clog up people's feeds.

  10. Thanks Charlotte! For sure, hats off to everyone who manages it all. School, extracurricular activities, work, blogging (and social media) already is a lot but all the more to the people who balance it all and more.

  11. It is hard to know where to spend the time and put your effort. I feel I do Twitter pretty well and until recently only did Twitter. I'm now experimenting with FB and Pinterest. I did away with GoodReads when it was bought by Amazon. No major loss because i never did it well. Now i'm into Literally and we'll see how that goes. But lately Social Media has been dominating my life.

  12. I only use a few social media websites most of the time (twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook), and occasionally check some others like once a week or so. That helps me keep up because it is just impossible to keep up with them all on a daily basis. I do like Buffer because I can schedule posts and move on with my day.

  13. That's a good idea, spacing your social media apart. I love Buffer, too, since it makes it so easy to just space my tweets apart.

  14. One thing I find helpful is that I keep a bookmark folder of links to all my "active" social media profiles, and than another one for ones I have but don't use anymore/hardly use.


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