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Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm really glad that many of you found my post on my design journey and resources helpful! I was on Pugly Pixel again and I found that the Dutch museum, Rijks Museum, has offered many of their paintings as free high-resolution resources so I thought I'd share the link and share some facts about myself as well. Also, if you visit the Rijks Museum site for the first time, it's automatically toggled to Dutch, but there is an English option in the top right corner. 

10 facts about me

1. I don't like sweets that much but I do like going to pastry shops. They're so pretty!  

2. Despite relating a lot to this Buzzfeed article about 16 signs you are an English major, I am not an English major (at least not currently). 

3. I'M SUPER AWKWARD when I first meet people. Someone told me I'm extraverted since I'm talkative with people I know and I was like "Ha! Funny joke. I'm so introverted." 

6. My favorite quote is, "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." I try to look at all the negative moments and experiences that I've had as learning experiences. I once told my friend the quote and she later told me that she didn't believe it at first, but after reflecting on it, she did think that her experience allowed her to grow. 

7. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee with dark chocolate bits in it. So good

8. Despite being a lover of minimalism and white, I love Marimekko. It's a Finnish brand and they're most known for their bright pared down floral patterns. 

10 facts about me part 2

What are some interesting facts about you? 


  1. Lovely post! Rijks Museum sounds like another great resource I need to check out, and it was fun getting to learn a little bit more about you (especially with the graphics)! I definitely think you're on to something when you say that it's when things are challenging that we learn and grow the most. I wouldn't be the person I am if I didn't have to persevere through so much. And yes, London is quite lovely. Expensive, but beautiful!

  2. I would live in London too! Hey, maybe one day in the future if life is kind, we'll be able to see each other there, haha. I love Marimekko too, especially their poppy pattern. It always brightens my day! Mmm coffee ice cream is my favourite too, espeically Haagen Dazs (did I spell that right?) coffee ice cream. So good. And thank you for sharing that quote! I think it's so true and is good to keep in mind when you're going through tough times. Lovely graphics and I loved hearing about you!

  3. This post is so cute! (I feel like I say that about most of your posts). I've never had coffee ice cream (I'm lactose intolerant), but I bet it's really good! I've had coffee flavored frozen yogurt, but I've always found the coffee flavor to be a bit too strong for my liking. My favorite flavor of frozen yogurt is either irish mint or red velvet. I've never really thought about that quote you mentioned though I've heard it a dozen times, but it's actually REALLY true!

  4. Omg wow the flowers are GORGEOUS! *O*

    Agree so much with 6, life can get really tough at times but the experiences ultimately shape the person we become. I have no idea what caramel flan tastes like because we don't have that drink here but it sounds so yummy :3

  5. This was really neat getting to know you more, Alice :) I love what you did with the prints too, so pretty. London is definitely a favorite city of mine, though I'm not sure if I could live there. After high school my parents moved to London for my dad's job for awhile. I would visit them in the summer, so I guess I did temporarily live there for a bit. That experience is so special to me because I got to see a different side of London (and the UK) that a tourist doesn't always have the chance to. I have never tried coffee flavored ice cream, but yours sounds delicious!

  6. Definitely! I think experiences are the ones that allow us to grow and I know I wouldn't be the person that I am now without all the negative experiences.

  7. Maybe! :) London looks and sounds amazing!

    Haha, we're really similar aren't we? Marimekko's poppy pattern is classic and love their bedding!

  8. Haha, cute is good! :) I like coffee + milk so I think that's why I like coffee ice cream.

    Have you had vegan ice cream? I've heard some are pretty good. Frozen yoghurt is so good! I love piling it with toppings haha.

  9. I know right? Flowers make me happy.

    Caramel flan is milk coffee with bits of caramel chunks and caramel syrup in the whipped cream. :)

  10. Your London experience sounds really cool! I love having an insider view/non-touristy view on places because you get such a different experience and you value it a bit more that way.

  11. Thanks for sharing the Rijks Museum link-There's some really great stuff there for sure!

    I prefer spicy food over sweet stuff but I won't say no to a good doughnut/croissant though! And yes that buzzfeed post, why am I not an English major??
    #3 DITTO. I pretty quiet and I keep to myself too but around my friends it's like I CANNOT shut up. LOL!

    As far as design goes, I'm a minimalist but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a splash of bright and bold colors too!
    Where would I live? Hmm a place that never sleeps, is fast moving and diverse. Maybe NY? or Portland?

  12. I feel like that Buzzfeed article should've been 16 signs you are a huge reader or something along that lines because those things don't only pertain to English majors. (Kind of major failure on Buzzfeed's part.)

    I am the same way in terms of being awkward when I first meet people. I think I overthink it because how am I suppose to keep a conversation with that? What are their interests? All I want to do is talk about books and make random pop culture references.. The other person doesn't usually find it awkward. It may all be in our head? HA.

    Fun fact about me: I don't have a sense of smell. I think it's hereditary since my mom doesn't either. It really sucks.

  13. Eeep, love the photo at the top!

    1. I don't like pastries but I love the smell of bakery forever and ever. If there's bread, I'm there.

    2. I laughed out loud at number 8 since I was pre-med all through high school and majored in Environmental Science and I totally get me. ;) Ha ha non-English majors unite!

    3. Wait, does that mean I'm also extraverted because I'm totally like that I had no idea there was such a thing as that. I'm happy being an introvert, though because I don't all that much as people seem to think I do. Ha.

    4. Yes, I love that a lot of people influence you. For me, there's HONY for one thing and it just seems limiting to limit ourselves to some influencers. Right?

    5. Now London, I've yet to visit.

    6. I used to struggle with failure a lot. Still do so I do believe in that quote, too.

    7. Yes to coffee flavored ice cream with dark chocolate bits.

    8. Oh yes, floral prints are pretty but I rarely like them all that much. Marimekko patterns are very cool, though.

    9. All kinds of coffee and tea, yes.

    10. Spring is such a great weather and my second favorite after Winter. Gotta love all the snow first. ;)

    Loved reading this post. ^.^


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